This page will act as a single place where you can find the latest versions of all software i release and other downloads.
All current software is written in AS3 (actionscript 3).
Except for touchWorldWind which is written in C# and CommunityEarth which is written in Java
What you need:

1. In order to run the current applications you need a program that sends out OSC messages in TUIO format. There are a few options in programs that send out OSC TUIO messages:

2. You also need FLOSC (flash open sound control) which allows Flash to connect to programs that send OSC messages like the ones above. You can get FLOSC here. You will need java installed in order to run FLOSC.

Steps required to run applications:

  1. Start FLOSC and connect.
  2. Start your TUIO program (touchlib, reactivision, tuio simulator, etc).
  3. Start the flash applicaion (swf/exe).
  4. Eventually the programs will have the ability to use normal mouse clicks for single input interaction.


Current Software list:

§ 19 Responses to Downloads

  • Amy Hines says:

    Very impressive. I am student at
    DeVry. Program wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. You appear to have the Knack. Did you mention where you attend school? I’m just curious, how old are you?

  • Taha says:

    What do you mean by it wasn’t easy as you thought? To answer your questions, im currently going into my 4th year Electrical Engineering and Management Program at Univeristy of Ontario, in Oshawa Ontario, and ohh im 21 yrs old.

  • fernandox says:

    hi Taha!

    Are u using yr protoytpe with fiducials too? if it’s yes…what kind of diffuser are u using for it?


  • Taha says:

    My setup is FTIR and im not Using fiducials with this setup i have however made a DI setup which uses fiducials for that i used Gerriets Optitrans, and which is similar to Rosco Twin Whtie. I used it both as a projection surface and IR diffuser… but the key thing is that rather than diffusing the light on the surface of the screen i diffused it on the walls I used Lee Filter/Rosco E-Color Soft Silver Reflector 273… I lined the inside of the walls with this and i reflected the IR illuminator of this to the screen.

  • ramroot says:

    Is there any mediaApp for mac os x ?
    Do you want me to make it ?

  • William Klaehn says:


    Amazing media viewer, thank you soo much. This really pushes the whole community forward when it comes to managing and arranging media objects.

    Thanks again,


  • Dominique Burnand says:

    I dont won’t to be so much over-hasty… but on which time comes the media app for the mac? Is it possible that you can upload it as a .swf file? That’s a so great app! I used it on windows but now I have my MT on a mac. It will be so great if I can use it on a mac.
    (By the way, sorry about my english)



  • Chris says:

    Are you releasing a .fla file for mediaapp for the mac?
    we’d like to try and utilize it to control the flv with jump points and different time codes in a video… so this would require modifying the individual video/image elements to accept more clickable events and buttons… or a slide out panel to target selected video w/playlist or bookmark jump points.

    when calling the video play, are you using a custom class or just making a call to a flash video component?

    Thanks for the great work!

  • daniel says:

    Hello Taha.i’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…i’ve already tried your media app was great job and more enhancement.i was using it last night and it is more interactive.currently im doing my Master research in new media and visual communication in my university. i wish if i can study your code and learn it from you for this very pleasure if you are willing to sharing your source code for my personal study.

  • suki says:

    hello,i just try your app n it’s great
    but the problem is my tuio socket not found,can you tell me how to fix it?

  • suki says:

    sory,forgot to mention, i use the ccv 1.2
    and simTouch but can’t effect the program

  • reset77 says:

    hi man how are you?? i am pablo van den enden and i am from colombia, i am a college student curently in 10th semester of visual design, i am working on a variety of multitouch projects…

    i found out your mediaApp viewer 0.5, and i think is awsome, maybe off course as always could use more development, so thats why i am asking….
    cause i tried to load other TUIO APPS replacing them for the keyboard, and changing the name to keyboard.swf, wich i reallly liked when i saw it worked, i have a big lava swf tuio app runing inside your media app viewer and you still even can manipulate with the small bars on the sides of the original keyboard
    but this still have trouble, cause its only one app you can load, and its not the ideal way i guess

    so my question is like maybe how can i add more swf like the keyboard to the app????????
    i will be really interested, can help with development, i dont know if you still work on this app, but this will be great, to add this feature

    thanks for your time man,

    regards from colombia
    pablo van den enden


  • woot, thank you! I’ve finally came across a website where the owner knows what they’re talking about. You know how many results are in Google when I check.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with tons of owners just copying eachother’s articles… ugh. Anyway, thankyou for the information anyway, much appreciated.

  • palprabhakar says:

    hi taha,
    dude i downloaded your apps all of them only media app is working.the rest applications are dont havr any flash player files. all i get is .swf file dey dont open (after extracting)

    thanks N regards
    REF: Priyank Shastri

  • […] can Download the application from the Downloads section or from […]

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