Getting Started

Introduction: What is OptoSensor and why would you use it.

Installation: Step by Step Instructions for setting up OptoSensor and uploading the latest firmware.

  1. Follow instructions for setting up and configuring the Arduino IDE on your appropriate platform here with the Arduino Mega1280.
  2. Download the latest firmware revision from the Repository.
  3. Connect OptoSensor prototype module platform to Arduino Mega1280 making sure the SPI header matches the PWM sockets 7, 6, and 5 and that the Data In header matchs Digital In sockets 22 -52 (even only)
  4. Connect the USB cable to both your Arduino and PC
  5. Open the Arduino IDE
  6. Point the Arduino IDE to Open OptoSensor Source that you downloaded in Step 2 from the Repository.
  7. Upload it to the board.
  8. Open your default Terminal Client to monitor your OptoSensor COM port, this can be done via Hyper Terminal (Recommended  or the Arduino Serial Monitor (Not Fully Supported)
  9. Set OptoSensor COM Port Settings
    Baud: 115200
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Stop bits: 1
    Flow Control: None
  10. After setting up your Terminal Client you will be prompted with the default Firmware menu shown:
  11. From the firmware menu you can set the desired output of the sensor data that you wish to use with your application.

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