MediaViewer App

MeidaApp 0.5a Alpha Release


MediaApp 0.5a Alpha Release

Archived – MediaApp 0.5 Alpha

Release Notes

Project description:

Name: Multitouch MediaApp
Purpose: Local image and video organizer with OSK and note taking feature
Version: 0.5a Alpha Release
Built: Using FlashDevlop and AS3 Touchlib classes

Author: Taha Bintahir
Last update: 24 Feb 2009



Photo/Videos/Audio/Keyboard/text object
Usage isnt too techinal… one finger to drage object, two fingers to rotate and scale

one finger double tap to flip picture over.

press play/pause button to play/pause, Horizontal slider controls seek, slider controls volume.

Press stop to stop, play/pause to play/pause, Horizontal slider controls seek, Audio button brings volume slider.

Pressing “enter” key creates new text feild. other wise keyboard operates normally.
pressing the side bars moves keyboard out of view to the right.

Text Object
pressing white bar closes text object


– Optimised code, runs faster now
– Applied zoom limit based on scale of object
– Added sorting functions
– Added Mp3 Playback Feature
– Added sorting canvas
– Fixed minor issues with Video and Audio Scrubber

-Added smooth filter for images and video scaling
-Touch keyboard ‘enter key fix’
-TextBox fix, now loads a new textobject right above the keybaord
-RotateScale fix – objects now rotate and scale using the new matrix transform technique
-image object double tap fix now double tap works all the time
-Video object fix
–horizontal slider seek fix
–video replay fix
–video scrubbing fix
–video fullplayback fix

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