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Tuesday, 27 May, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is my personal timeline for the Osyris project, in general my plan is to finish the hardware aspect of the table within the first 2 months of my summer break, and have the the next 2 months to design and develop custom software. As I make progress, i know there will be times i will move away from the timeline due to various circumstances, Since initially planing this timeline out i have already moved ahead in some areas, while behind in others; however i will try to follow the general timeline.

Since the project comprises of both hardware and software aspects, and in lieu of the fact that the software aspect is dependent on the hardware, I will be starting off with the hardware end. This is what needs to be stable in order to develop working robust software interface.

Research materials and price out costs
Order and buy specific parts that need to be shipped from overseas. Create and design Conceptual Ideas/layouts.
Test and order any remaing needed parts. Plan out the table fabrication i.e. construction design…
Begin table construction and design custom IR PCB layout.
Continue on table construction. Test various PCB printing procedures. If time, print and etch PCB layout.
Continue table construction. Print and etch PCB layout, and solder IR emitters arrays. Start researching on coding platform (touchlib, vvvv, flash, flex, processing, etc.).
Finish table construction. Align mirrors and research into dual system configuration.
Decide on coding platform, and plan and map out applications.
Start coding software and fix any problems with table’s setup (ie. camera, projector, IR filter, mirror angles etc)..
Continue coding on applications. Prepare for show casing. Fix any minor problems.
Develop more application ideas. Continue coding.
Continue coding.
Continue coding.
Test and continue coding.
Internal testing with other users.
Continue coding and build on ideas from internal testers.
Start beta testing with friends and family. Fix code and build on ideas from the beta testers.
Continue more beta testing.
Make sure table and other hardware is fully functional. Fix any minor issues.
Continue testing. Make sure everything is completley stable for showing.

Welcome to the blog

Monday, 26 May, 2008 § 1 Comment

Hello World… Welcome to my blog.
Essentially this blog was should have started near 3~4 weeks ago when my project had started… However due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly cause i was too busy designing my table top surface computing device (Osyris Interactive IO <name not finalised>), i haven’t had the chance to add content to the blog.

During the past 3 weeks or so… i’ve been busy designing and constructing parts of the multitouch (MT) device. Luckily i had been taking pictures of my construction process, which will be up soon in a chronicle order to show the steps involved and the problems faced during the construction process

Over the coming days and weeks, this blog will be updated regularly, showing the progress both on the hardware and software aspects of things.

Cheers all,

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