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Released a new application called “ikon” on windows 8 and windows rt – its essentially like my original media app but for windows 8 in mind. It supports some new features that the original media app didn’t support, such as infinite canvas size, image selection and arrangements, Image Editing. You can download it from here. http://goo.gl/1rwXK

Scatterview Canvas

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LED Sensing ~ BI-Directional LEDs Part – I

Sunday, 3 May, 2009 § Leave a comment

In my quest to find other methods of input detection for multi-touch and multi-modal hardware i came across another technique made famous by Jeff Han it is the use of LED s as bi-directional sensors. This technique is in no means new, it know fact that LED s can behave in such a way that, they act as sensors, when they are reverse biased. The theory behind how this all works is explained below.

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Visualisation Flash App

Sunday, 15 June, 2008 § Leave a comment

With the help of nuiman (C.Moore) i will be releasing an app soon, it will be a visualisation based on a particle stream. Below is a pic of the app.

Stream App

Thanks to nuiman for the helping with the development of ~Lux touchSpectrum a.k.a touchStream which will be released with the ~Lux platform, mainly because it is still unstable and crashes with multiple inputs…

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