Updated VVVV Tracker

Sunday, 14 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

So recently i was going through some of the old stuff i made and came across a tracker i made in V4 back in 2007. After playing with it for a little while i thought it may prove to be a great resource to others, so i’ve cleaned the v4 patch and made it usable to the average v4 user. This patch is basically an updated version my tracker that i released a while back on the v4 page of my blog.

Features (Added)

  1. Front DI and MTmini Support
  2. Background Subtraction
  3. Dynamic Mesh Calibration
  4. Network Broadcasting (OSC and TUIO)

Note: This tracker was only created as a proof of concept while at university and hasn’t been optimized. I mainly now use it in conjunction with a MTmini when i want to do rapid testing.

This is being released under LGPL for the moment.


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