Enabling Flash in Windows 8 and Windows RT Metro Interface.

Thursday, 20 December, 2012 § Leave a comment

So recently i bought a Surface Tablet and realized that Flash was naively supported within IE , but there was a slight issue in that not every website that had flash content seemed to work. I later learned that this was due to Microsoft’s attempt to combat “BAD” flash websites. What Microsoft had done was essentially created a list which they called Compatibility View of safe websites which were allowed to render flash content within IE desktop and IE Metro; websites not within this list were deemed unsafe. Not that they are but just that they weren’t tested to be deemed “Safe”.

So, what to do now? I knew i wanted flash content within my browser but didn’t know how. While surfing the internet i came across many methods that to enable flash but none proved successful and then i stumbled across a small article by Adobe on how to test your flash enabled website for Microsoft’s compatibility view. The only catch was that it would only work on “ONE” domain at a time; this was okay initially but then i realized that as a avid media consumer i had to go and manually change and reset registry entries, work out the hosting providers and ip address in some cases; this was proving to be too taxing on time and energy.

That is when i decided to create my first Metro Application called FlashEnable. The application does exactly as its named it allows users to enable flash content on essentially any domain or use preexisting presets which are configured to enable flash content on various media providers. However due to Microsoft’s sever sandboxing of Metro applications the entire procedure could not be automated. But essentially what it does, is, it allows users to generate scripts which will enable flash content with a single one button press. Rather than manually going and editing various things.

Screenshot (6)


Screenshot (5)

FlashEnable Menu

Screenshot (3)

Preconfgured Flash Content Providers

Screenshot (4)

Adding a New Flash Content Provider

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