LED Sensing

Sunday, 3 May, 2009 § 3 Comments

Alrite to update from my previous post heres an update video of my 3×2 matrix using led sensing

§ 3 Responses to LED Sensing

  • John Wells says:

    Awesome work! I’ve been trying this myself, but couldn’t get it to function properly in my florescent-lit lab. Could I please have a copy of your Arduino+Processing code? 🙂 I would love to get this working like Han’s demo. (“Will post more soon…”- Han, a few years ago…. lol yeah right) Is your setup using the LEDs bidirectionally as emitters and sensors, or just as ambient light sensors? I can’t wait to get this working, I want to see mt “thinking outside the box”! 😉

    • J Horn says:

      Hello, I’m currently working on an interface where I would like to use the bi-directionality of an LED array to have them work as both emitters. They would display a target which the finger has to touch and the sensoring capability of leds would be used to locate it…

      If by any chance your programs are open source or that they are ‘old work’ and that you have moved on to something else, could you please point to me where I could find them?
      I’ve got very limited knowledge of processing and a few lines of working code would therefore help me greatly.

      with best wishes,

      J Horn

      • Taha says:

        personally i wouldn’t recommend using bi directional led sensing as its really finicky, I’ll have to look for where the source. Till then if you need any help just email me, i’help you best i can.

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