Quick Update March 2nd, 09

Monday, 2 March, 2009 § 8 Comments

Well guys im currently in the process of cleaning up the code for my Media Viewer Application Ver:0.4b after that i will be reasing the code under MPL or MIT licence.  So stay tuned 😉


§ 8 Responses to Quick Update March 2nd, 09

  • Sandor says:

    Hye Taha,

    this is Off-Topic – but just discivered by googeling around that you are working on the TUIO implementation for WorldWind. This was the next task in my planning. To avoid double work: may i ask you how far you have come with your implementation? I saw something like a working code on the worldwind forum where you was asking for some help for the fullscreen function… Would be great if you have something up and running 🙂

    BTW: great job that CityScape gig, man!



  • Sandor says:

    Hey man, cool stuff that is 🙂 are you planning to release it or will you keep the code closed?
    Drop me a mail if you mind ….



    • Taha says:

      It depends for now i haven’t planned any imminent release. but maybe later once i figure out how to run WWJ in OsX.
      As for the code when i do release it’ll be open source.

  • Sandor says:

    Well OSX ist exactly what I am looking for 😉 but what I cannot understand: since it is java it should run equaly on osx… Is that subclipse what you are running? I had no probe to import the WWJ project in eclipse (osx version)…

    • Taha says:

      Well since this is meant to an opensource lightweight MT GIS application for the community thats i choose WWJ cause it is cross platform, the thing is since i dont have access to a mac on a regular basis i cant test the application since it uses jogl (java openGL) the problem arises where in windows the application needs the jogl .dlls i dont know how this works in mac.
      Thats actually Netbeans i find its interface a lot easier to use then eclipse.

  • Sandor says:

    taha, the only thing i can offer you is to test your build – i am downloading Netbeans right now so if you have a ready project we could try to give a run… BTW: i was also planning to make the app publicly available 🙂

    • Taha says:

      Hey, sandor, well i don’t want it publicly available the plan is to release it when the next version of tbeta is released or soon after it making it like a feature application. You can help me test it on OSx. I think this conversation would be better suited if we chatted via skype this is my skype id taha.bintahir

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