BandPass Filter Lens Attachment

Thursday, 3 July, 2008 § 3 Comments

Well recently i’ve had a lot of requests on how i’ve attached my BP filter to my camera… so i thought i might as well post a write up…

Note: in the pitures i’m using the original focus lens that came with the camera but this method could also be employed with a wide angel lens or a fisheye lens. Also it this technique can employed with any camera that has a manual focus lens. For fisheye or wide angle lens your bandpass filter need to be at least 30mm in diameter.

Needed Equipment:

  1. PVC pipe with diameter 3~4mm larger than the BP filter. (i used a water sprinkler pvc pipe with one threaded side take a look at the picture below)
  2. Double sided tape
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Sharp scissors

Assumed Equipment:

  1. Camera
  2. BP filter

General Note:

When taping leave a small to allow a bit of leeway when embedding the lens in the pvc pipe….

Step-by-Step Instructions:

First take your PVC (my pvc pipe has 2 diameters) i cut 1cm off both ends using the hacksaw

What you need are the two 1cm ends you just cut

Next you slide the smaller diameter pvc pipe cut-off in to the larger threaded pvc section you cut as such

The internal PVC cut-off should be sticking out approx 5mm the fit should be snug. The pvc pieces should not rattle or slide. If you want you can glue the 2 pieces together, but i didnt mainly because of ease of dis-assembly.

Next take your BP Filter and apply double sided tape to it… I applied 3 layers to get a snug fit. trim off any excess tape to have a even height.

Now that you have taped the BP lens with double sided tape gently push it into place in pvc holder ( i placed it within the larger threaded side)

Now that you’ve accomplished this we do the same to the focus lens….

Apply some double sided tape to focus lens i again used 3 layers of tape…and trim off the excess to leave a even height.

Next gently push this into the the opposite end of the PVC holder…

You can now pat your self on your back… you have successfully maded your BP lens holder for you camera…

DONE!!! 😀


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