Media App 0.4beta Released

Sunday, 22 June, 2008 § Leave a comment

As promised I’m today releasing a beta version of the MediaApp it can be downloaded below.

Just a bit of technical details the media app was built using the touchlib svn and the objects available… it uses the rotatescaleable class… future releases will use the physical class. The source of this project will not be released at the moment, since its too messy rite now. but within the coming weeks i hope to release it. Please take the time to read the Release Notes.txt it will save you some time when adding photos and video content.

Download App

Got any suggestions or noticed any bugs in the app would love to hear from you.

MTMediaApp v0.4beta

Release Notes

Project description:
Name: Multitouch MediaApp
Purpose: Local image and video organizer with OSK and note taking feature
Version: 0.4beta
Built: Using FlashDevlop and touchlib SVN

Author: Taha Bintahir aka. lynx
Last update: 22 June 2008

Basic Windows Installation instructions:

1. Unzip Contents to desired location.
2. Go into folder \\MediaApp\
3. Right click MediaApp.exe from the dropdown menu Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)
4. Use the shortcut on your desktop to run the application. 😉

Adding photos and videos:
Add you images at: \\ MediaApp\local\image
Add you videos at: \\ MediaApp\local\video

NOTE: The application only loads .flv video files currrently, you can convert any clip to flv using FFMPEG.

2. Run \\ MediaApp\local\reload.bat

And you are done adding files.

Photo/Videos/keyboard/text object
Usage isnt too techinal… one finger to drage object, two fingers to rotate and scale

one finger double tap to flip picture over.

press play/pause button to play/pause, Horizontal slider controls seek, vertical slider controls volume.

Pressing “enter” key creates new text feild. other wise keyboard operates normally.
pressing the side bars moves keyboard out of view to the right.

Text Object
pressing white bar closes text object

David Wallin (WhiteNoiz) for creating touchlib, and the svn and

Nuiman and Cerupcat for testing helping me with the keyboard and text object instances.

NUI and the forums for providing invaluable resources and assistance for MT applications

Known Issues:
1. horizontal slider doesnt seek during playback.
2. double tap doesnt work sometimes
3. 2 close inputs on photos can some times be associated with double tap


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