Wide Angle Lens for the Xbox360 Live Vision Cam.

Wednesday, 18 June, 2008 § 2 Comments

Recently i purchased a wideangle (120degree viewing angle) lens for the xbox360 vision cam… from an ebay store the lens came well packed and was delivered to me in 5 days.

At first looks the lens looks perfect, it fits snugly into the xbox360 vision cam holder and is able to focus the picture perfectly. but on closer inspection, as you will see that he holder is not perfectly centered to the ccd chip on the on the camera pcb, as a result the 2 top corners are not fully visible.

Saying that, the lens is quite good. the and viewing angle is excellent… with slight modification to the holder, this lens could work perfectly. From the test i’ve done i concluded that the viewing angle of th original lens is approx +-30deg.

Note: The below shots were taken at a distance of 1.5m~2m

Wideangle lens

Original lens


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§ 2 Responses to Wide Angle Lens for the Xbox360 Live Vision Cam.

  • Joobs says:

    What ebay store did you buy your lens from? the original link has expired 😦

    My friend bought a wide angle lens for his xbox camera but apparently it doesn’t fit so well because the thread doesn’t go all the way down the lens, so looking for a good replacement.

  • dronecz says:

    Hi, I would like ask on same thing. I`m planning buy wideangle lens for my test setup but I don`t know what I need look for. Many thanks for answer.

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