To See or not to See…

Wednesday, 28 May, 2008 § 1 Comment

For the past few weeks i’ve been doing my research into multitouch, and the various types of cameras used by people over at, as their IR sensors. I narrowed my choice to 2 the Phillips SPC900-NC and the Xbox360 Live Vision Camera. By seeing a few tests Daddyoli did and and the recommendation of the Xbox360 Vision Cam given to me by both Daddyoli and Fairlane. I went with the Xbox360 Live Vision Camera.

Xbox360 Live Vision Camera

Xbox360 Live Vision Camera

I purchased it for just over $13CAD from an excellent seller at ebay. For $13 the camera proved to be well worth the money. And the IR filter was easily removed. Below are the steps i performed to get the camera to work in an FTIR setup. (Basically its the removal of the IR Filter).


First you begin by unscrewing the focus lens, at one point its going to become a little stiff thats because there is internal limiter to how far the focus lens can turn (you can see it in the picture its the little white plastic nub). Use moderate amount of force and keep turning to unfasten the the focus lens. You will notice with the focus lens is completely unfastened, it will not remove from the housing but it will dangle there. Next use a flat blade screw driver and gently pry open the plastic casing. Being very careful as not to slip, and hurt your self.


Cracked open

Casing pried open

Next unscrew the 2 screws holding the PCB and focus lens holder to the plastic Casing.

After removing the 2 screws flip the PCB over and remove another 2 screws which hold the PCB and the black focus lens mount together. After which with in the black mount a greenish glass filter is attached, you can easily pry that out with a utility knife and or screw driver.

IR Filter

IR Filter

Currently my prototype is using 2 photo negatives As an IR pass filter (only allows IR light to pass blocks all visible light). but for my final project i intend to use one of the specific IR band pass filters i bought from an excellent seller at ebay. I bought a 10mm 880BP7 filter and a 25mm 879BP12 filter. The seller doesn’t have these filters listed, you have to request them. Each filter was around $18 plus $5 shipping.





Just in the past couple of days Jmccd over at NUIGroup forums created an excellent pdf on how to modify an Xbox360 Live Vision Camera. It can be found here.

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